Team FOLON® proudly showcases its complete Original Soundtrack (OST), a diverse array of compositions that masterfully encapsulate the mystique and intrigue of various factions, coupled with atmospheric tracks and electrifying combat scores. Infused with the richness of British culture, this OST offers a unique reimagination of the Fallout universe, staged within the historical grandeur of the United Kingdom. We invite you to delve into an immersive soundscape that expertly interweaves profound sound design, moving orchestral pieces, and a dynamic blend of electronic music, each element meticulously crafted to vivify post-apocalyptic London.

Composed by:
Daniel Morrison Neil
Kyle Downes
Jordan Albon (C3Delight)
Callum J. Quick

Additional vocals on “Memore” by Avalon Gatenby
Mastered by Daniel Morrison Neil
Cover art by C3Delight